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Don’t get stuck with your large chain store, let us be your problem solver and find a customized solution to your pain! With little to no copay or prior authorizations we provide a quick turnaround to getting your health issue resolved. Don’t wait 30 minutes on hold, call to speak with a live person today! We also offer free shipping and will work directly with your doctor.


Why compounding? Perhaps you cannot tolerate or are allergic to a particular medication, its ingredients, or the available strength, or are not responding to conventional drug therapy. Maybe you have exhausted all commercially available medication routes. Or quite possibly your particular medication is in short supply or has been discontinued. Whatever your concern, Ridgeview Pharmacy will find a viable compounded option for you.


Our compounding lab is equipped for the production of sterile and non-sterile compounds. Our modern equipment includes: an EMP (electronic mortar and pestle), sterile hoods, powder hoods, steam sterilizer, dry heat sterilizer, sonicator, ointment mill, dry blender, electronic balances integrated with a state-of-the-art computer system and a bar code scanner for accurate measurement of ingredients.


From pain management, dentistry, wound care, GI, pediatrics, and podiatry to hormone replacement therapy, oncology or even veterinary applications, across all therapeutic areas, the compounding options are limitless. Let us be your problem solver today!

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